The OC will be using official hotels both in Squamish (4) and Whistler (4). Since many hotels do not provide food service, the OC will be setting up catering hubs for breakfast & dinner (within walking distance from all hotels).  Lunch will be served at the venue (and is not available at the hotels).  The OC food plan starts on January 26th (teams are responsible before this date).

Allocation of the OC hotels will be done after the FIS online registration/hotel room booking is closed 60 days prior to event. A hotel room booking deposit (75%) from the teams will be required shortly after the online registration is closed

Ski Jump and Nordic Combined teams will likely be allocated in Whistler. Cross-Country teams will likely be allocated in Squamish.

For accommodation bookings outside the official OC hotels, teams are on their own for cost, food and transportation –  please contact directly: [email protected]. For any other general questions regarding accommodation, please contact the OC management at [email protected]